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The HW system can be used for all buildings that have a continuous bed joint, both for external and internal walls. Many years of experience have shown us that not only brick buildings, but also most stone buildings can have a continuous bed joint.

We can call companies in Austria, Germany and other countries in Europe our HW partners. You will find a complete list of our competent partners here

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With our HW partners, we are the right contact for your refurbishment and renovation project throughout Europe. In the case of capillary rising damp in masonry, we offer you the solution with our patented HW stainless steel barrier, which separates and insulates the wall in just one work step thanks to our unique working method.

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With the patented HW stainless steel barrier, we can dry out walls in just one work step. The stainless steel plate with the HW tip is driven into the masonry with the help of the HW impact devices, separating it and sealing it at the same time. Settlement is reduced by compacting the joint mortar and the stability of the masonry remains unaffected. With our method, there is no settlement damage in the masonry!

As a result of drying out, the brick increases its thermal insulation capacity and reduces your heating costs.

Drying out the walls above the stainless steel barrier improves the indoor air quality and reduces potential health risks.

Because our mechanical barrier, due to our choice of material
- Permanently tight
- rot-proof
- controllable
- maintenance-free
- Environmentally friendly (no chemicals)

Historic buildings are our specialty. Thanks to our process, where the cutting and insertion of the sharpened HW stainless steel plates as a horizontal barrier takes place in just one work step, the existing joint material is compacted when the plates are driven in. No subsidence can occur.

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HW wall drying