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When is a

When is it sensible or necessary to dry out a house?

Remove musty odors in the room/House true, do you have damp walls or Do you see mold stains or chipped plaster on the walls?

Then the house needs to be dried out and quick action is required. This is because these circumstances, usually caused by excessive moisture in the walls, not only lead to high livingCosts (rooms that cannot be used, loss of value of the house due to damage to the building fabric, higher energy costs due to poorer thermal insulation), but also endanger your health (growth of mold and bacteria, which can lead to allergic reactions and respiratory diseases such as asthma).

With wall drying, you can effectively dry out damp walls, protect your health and reduce costs.


Why with us?

Once the walls are damp or mold has formed, there is a great fear that this could lead to health problems.

We therefore want to

  • help you achieve an ideal indoor climate for the benefit of your health
  • permanently dry out the masonry of your house to prevent further damage to the building fabric.

Our Wall drying system is logical (a permanently impermeable barrier layer prevents the further capillary rise of moisture from the substrate), sustainable and of high quality. Our many years of experience in masonry drying Looking back, we can say that we have never seen a house twice.

Many years of expertise & experience
Partner on site
Sustainable results
No settlement cracks due to the installation of the horizontal barrier
Quality - specially developed process
Time saving - only one work step
Our own

Our specially developed process for house drying

We have developed a process for masonry drying that only requires a single work step to separate and seal the masonry. The sealing consists of acid- and rust-resistant stainless steel plates produced by us.

The flow of force in the wall is never interrupted, no material is removed from the joints (as with other mechanical methods) - no settling or cracks can occur.

A total of 35 partners in Austria, Germany, Slovakia and the Czech Republic work with us. These carry out the House drying on site using our patented process and our patented plates made of durable stainless steel material.

This cooperation enables us to offer you contacts at many locations.


Impressions of our work

How do we work? Here are some pictures from our working life on the construction site:

Further references

Further references to our services

In addition to single-family homes and apartment buildings, we can also count buildings such as the Neptune Fountain in Schönbrunn Palace among our reference projects.
Take a look at our references. Here you will find a wide variety of buildings that we have drained in many different countries, e.g:

● Bayrischer Bahnhof Leipzig

● Venice State Archives

● Kampen lighthouse (Sylt)

Neptune Fountain Schönbrunn Palace

As a result, we have built up extensive expertise in masonry drying. With our process and our partners, we are sure to dry out your masonry! This means that moisture and water no longer stand a chance.


Cause of damp walls

Damp walls and walls occur when the masonry comes into permanent contact with water. Is Water urge If this is the case from the side, a vertical barrier must be erected to the existing floor.

If the cause is capillary rising ground moisture, the horizontal waterproofing of the building must be checked. This may either be defective or completely missing due to the age of the building. The mechanical interruption of the capillary flow is then not present and the moisture rises in the masonry. This can lead to water damage.

With our house drainage, we do not treat the symptoms, but counteract the cause by installing the horizontal barrier. This enables us to offer you a sustainable and permanent solution. With us it means: 1x wall drying, never again rising damp!

House drying

House drying: Your advantages

Due to an intact horizontal barrier and the resulting wall drying you receive many advantages:

You hold the Moisture from your masonry far away and your House becomes home again.