Our projects

Our projects

Before and after

Before and after comparison

As the saying goes: "A picture is worth a thousand words." - Let us convince you!

The effect of wall drying is clearly visible after just a short time. Under the horizontal barrier, the masonry remains damp and therefore darker in color. Above it, on the other hand, it dries out, which can be seen from the lighter color of the masonry.
HW wall drying - horizontal barrier
Here is a glimpse of what your property could look like once our HW horizontal barrier has been installed and the overall renovation is complete
Here is a glimpse of what your property could look like after the installation of our HW horizontal barrier and the subsequent complete renovation. Click on the image to see the comparison.

We are proud of our competent and reliable work, which we are able to realize with the help of our unique product and our great team.

Does draining have a negative impact on the structural functionality?

Historic buildings are our specialty. Thanks to our process, where the cutting and insertion of the sharpened HW stainless steel plates is carried out as a horizontal barrier in just one work step, the existing joint material is compacted when the plates are driven in. No subsidence can occur! 

The two pictures show the installation of slabs in load-bearing columns of a Bohemian vault. At no time was the flow of forces in the masonry interrupted, at no time was the column structurally endangered.

We have already drained walls from Venice to China!
An insight into completed projects:
An insight into our activities on site with a presentation of the individual work steps:

If you would like to find out more about our product, the way we work and about us, then this video is for you.

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