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Wall drying

Wall drying

HW wall drying - installation
Wall drying

Wall drying - our expertise for over 45 years

As the inventor and managing director of HW Mauertrockenlegung, I, DI Herwig Haböck, have stood for quality, reliability and expertise for over 45 years. With my wall drying system, which I developed together with Dipl. Vw. Bruno Weinzierl, we have already successfully completed countless projects in cooperation with our HW partners.

The product and the special process are unique in their entirety. Using our HW impact devices and our HW stainless steel plates, we can guarantee wall drying in a single work step!

Say goodbye to damp walls!


We have been working and researching in this field with passion for over 45 years.


The satisfaction of our customers is proof of the right choice of material (stainless steel alloys) and the reliable working methods of our HW partners.


We stand by our word and guarantee our process. No more damp walls!

HW wall drying Founder

The inventors: DI Herwig Haböck and Dipl. Vw. Ing. Bruno Weinzierl

Whether you are a large company or a private individual, we will be happy to advise you personally about our services and look forward to supporting you with your project (renovation or refurbishment) in Vienna and Lower Austria, among other places.

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Moisture in the walls
Possible causes & consequences

There can be various causes of damp walls. In addition to existing leaking sealing systems, the most common cause of damp in masonry is the lack of a horizontal barrier against capillary rising damp in the foundation walls. The moisture penetrates from the ground into the foundation masonry and is transported further upwards by the capillary effect. The salts dissolved in the soil moisture (carbonates, nitrates, sulphates and chlorides) lead to the formation of crystals on the wall surfaces as they evaporate, causing mortar and wall paint to flake off. This results in stains on the walls, crumbling plaster and a musty indoor climate, which greatly reduces the quality of living.

Damp walls increase the humidity in the room, which can lead to mold growth. In the worst case, this can lead to health problems. Especially in children, respiratory problems caused by (mold) spores are not an isolated case and should be prevented as quickly as possible by draining.

To maintain your health, it is essential that the causes are dealt with in good time by a professional company!

At HW Mauertrockenlegung, we offer an efficient, fast and affordable solution to protect your health and improve the quality of life in your home.

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Drainage of damp walls - your advantages

In addition to eliminating the causes of wall damage and health risks, wall drying also has other advantages.

Dry walls insulate more effectively due to lower thermal conductivity→ the heat stays in the house → heating costs are reduced and heating costs are lowered! This not only protects your wallet, but also the environment.

Positive aspects for drainage at a glance:

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Damp walls?

Damp walls?
We offer you the solution in just one step

Wall drying is the basis for any renovation or refurbishment. By mechanically driving in rust- and acid-resistant stainless steel plates, a permanent horizontal barrier against capillary rising damp is created.

At HW Mauertrockenlegung, we achieve complete insulation of the wall in just a single work step - separating and sealing are carried out in a single operation. This is the main difference to other mechanical methods, which require several steps. The flow of forces in the wall is never interrupted and no settling or cracks can occur.

Our mutually overlapping stainless steel panels, which we developed at HW Mauertrockenlegung, form a permanently tight, horizontal barrier against capillary rising damp. The arrowhead-like design of the front edge of the insulating panels reduces impact resistance and greatly reduces surface friction. This means that less impact energy is required, which reduces shocks and vibrations. This technology also enables the panels to be driven into masonry up to 1 m thick!
The maintenance-free horizontal barrier using the patented HW stainless steel plates with tip is used exclusively by our HW partners.

Save time, nerves & your money by making sure your walls are dry first and foremost when renovating or refurbishing your home in Vienna, Lower Austria or throughout Austria.


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Why do our partners like to offer the mechanical process with our HW stainless steel barrier in their services?
Because they are convinced that this is the most efficient way to rid your home's brickwork of moisture and protect it forever.

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Our work speaks for itself: once dried, never again damp walls!

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