Do you have damp walls at home and want to declare war on them? Are you looking for a competent partner to dry your walls? We can help you! Benefit from the many advantages of our drying company HW Mauertrockenlegung:

HW wall drying Haböck
Wall drying

Wall drying
our expertise for over 45 years

As a professional drying company, HW Mauertrockenlegung offers you the ideal solution to permanently combat capillary rising damp in walls and thus prevent damage to the building fabric. The cause of visible signs, such as the formation of mold or the flaking of the wall paint or chipping of the plaster inside and outside, is eliminated.

This is because the damage caused by damp walls ranges from serious damage to masonry, corrosion and electrical defects to damage to wooden structures. Fungus and mold growth are inevitable. HW Mauertrockenlegung and its licensed partners accompany you from the root cause analysis (identification of the damage) to the complete installation of the HW stainless steel barrier.

Optimal refurbishment

Optimum renovation of your walls
with its own patented system


HW Mauertrockenlegung provides a remedy and supports you in drying out your walls. We are the developers of a system that is very gentle on the masonry and does not damage the walls - fast, uncomplicated and, above all, guaranteed!

Benefit now from our patented process and our experience in the field of drainage in Austria. We offer the ideal solution for your problem. Get in touch with us - we look forward to helping you!

HW stainless steel barrier

Permanently dry walls with the HW stainless steel barrier from HW Mauertrockenlegung

Our patented HW stainless steel barrier prevents moisture from rising in your masonry. Pointed, laterally overlapping, non-rotting panels are driven into the masonry joint using special HW equipment - no chiseling or sawing is required and settlement of the masonry is avoided. Thanks to our working method, we can guarantee tight, maintenance-free moisture insulation that has already proven itself over many years.

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The reliable

The reliable drainage company
against rising damp

Are you looking for a competent partner with quality in your area? We are currently represented by 35 companies in Europe and have been active in this field for over 45 years. We are specialists when it comes to draining damp walls. Whether in Vienna, Lower Austria or other parts of Austria - get in touch with us now, we will find one of our reliable partners in your area and free your home from damp and its unpleasant side effects such as mold.

Why do our partners like to offer the mechanical process with our HW stainless steel barrier in their services?
Because they are convinced that this is the most efficient way to rid your home's brickwork of moisture and protect it forever.

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Our work speaks for itself: once dried, never again damp walls!

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